6min 56sec | 16:9 | 1920×1080 | progressive | single channel | 2012

video-still - #29

In #29, the constant zooming into certain landscape features displays a constant exploration for an argument. The camera’s assessment becomes the vessel for embedded associative imaginations and desires linked to the absent argument.

#29 belongs to a series, researching the relationship between landscape- representation, perception and the unconscious. During editing crucial data is removed from the mpeg-stream, forcing software to re-interpret visual information.



#29 is currently being distributed  by the EYE Film Institute Netherlands



IFKR 2013, Hamburg, DE

»Best Dutch Shorts«, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL, 2013

»Ostrale«, Exhibition, Dresden, DE, 2013

Open Film Competition, Incubate Festival, Tilburg, NL , 2013

Cineambiente 2012 Tourin, Italy

NewHorizons 2012, Wroclaw, Poland

Garage, 2012, Moscow, Russia

The Great Wide Open Festival 2012, Vlieland, NL

IFFR 2012, Rotterdam, NL