Stranger Exhibition

77 videos under pressure

Youth is the time when human minds and bodies ‘explode’ in many ways. From almost 1000 videos made by young people worldwide, we selected 77 as a best representation of their dreams, fears, and questions posed to us all. This traveling exhibition starts the journey in the Gashouder building of the former Westergas Fabriek in Amsterdam. This space, once under high pressure, nicely blends with the selected videos that show delicate intimate worlds of youngsters, ‘exploding’ with creativity, unique aesthetics, poetics, colors, and sounds.

The exhibition consists of four different sections with their own video programs. In the private space, we present videos of young people’s intimate worlds that demand a quiet and relaxed setting to be appreciated in all their beauty. Two public modules bring videos reflecting on the societies young people live in, whether with a more comic approach or being serious documentary notes. In the interactive module, we present portraits of video makers filmed by the artist Anja Masling, together with the videos they made. You can scroll through the map of Europe and find the differences and similarities between the videos and their makers following your own impulse, your own motivation to discover something new.

Selected videos come from different corners of the world as fragments of a portrait of one generation. We specially focused on a unifying Europe, showing the state of young minds in the midst of current transformations. Nevertheless, the program is not organized according the geographic origin or genre of the videos, but shows different solutions and answers young video-makers give to similar starting questions. Our aim is to show this regenerating energy, the need of young people to bring change and always tempting desire to ‘explode’… things which are not only characteristic of every young generation but a way for the globalized world to renew itself.

private space

In the private space, we present 41 videos showing intimate worlds of young people that demand a quiet and relaxed setting to be appreciated in all their beauty. In them, we are reminded of the absurdity of everyday life, dreams of love, friendship, belonging, but also feelings of loneliness, being strange and being a stranger, attempts to free and express oneself, prevent injustice and crimes, find the strength to continue, and a reason to wake up next morning. In some of the abstract works, you will experience the world of daily dreams, hallucinations, and poetic experimentation.

Videos made by: Ijahmac, Miso Ormandik, Khaimanova, Catalin Dumitrescu, Anders Sjostrand, Pizzacat, Esbenni, Basti, Karim Shaaban, Falone Tamasa, Bobi Razvan Ganta, Nadezhda Staneva, Paulina, Stefprein, Oskar Oskar Johansson, Lisa Namkafu, Berta, Eduard Vlad Suciu, Marcello Webber, Stefprein, Lukas Matejka, Oozcannn, Peter Sundqvist, Barry Mooney, Majitelko, Miha Mozina, Luksuz, Nazdeniz83, Josephine Mbingamala, Bashita, John Bofata Lidinga, Julian Kowalski, Vitaliy Onufryk, Khalid Talebi, XIII, Pliev¸ Narek Minassian¸ Syed Taha¸ Eosyoyo¸ Cansarcan.

public spaces

Two public modules bring a selection of 36 videos reflecting on the societies young people live in, whether with a more comic approach or being serious documentaristic notes. The first module includes videos with the predominant humorous style, playing with different fictional genres and modes of storytelling. The second module shows documentaries, portraits and self-portraits dealing with social and political issues. This selection talks about love, survival, social injustice, deals with dedication to religion or nation, perceptions of reality, the future under surveillance cameras and growing demands for obedience and discipline, but also shows imaginary lives of super stars, playfulness in the encounters with the others, creative solutions for the problems of censorship, and the possibility of seeing things from somebody else’s perspective. Those videos carry messages and demand reaction from all of us in the joint process of creating the future.

Videos made by: Silvia Janoskova, Adam Novota, Neha Tahir, Mohammed Majid Al-ghazali, Anas Dhafir Keiralla, Kirk Anthony a. Balmonte, Ajay David Chitte, Ameya Raghunath Bile, Magdalena Broniec, Patrick Esekola, Aisha Tshiamala, Saigid, Sedirov, Fanny Schücke, Robert Doelwijt, Martina Hudorovic, Kat. P, Schlesische 27, Monika Jankovicova, Martina Slovakova, Ramone, SamE15, Costa, Josue, Rado333, Vanezzz, Steov, Cristian Alexandru Panciu, Marian Balint, Irina Virginia Pintilina, Preda, Mohammed Billawal, Madiha Asif Kapadia, Shovit Meher, Ivor Hodulak, Kukayev.

interactive module

In the interactive module, you can scroll through the map of Europe and discover portraits of young video-makers to hear stories behind the videos. In beautiful portraits made by Anja Masling, you can find out what motivates those youngsters to take a camera and decisions they make in telling their stories. The portraits are followed by OneMinute videos, giving you the opportunity to judge for yourself if the ending result corresponds to the initial idea of the maker. The videos and portraits were made as a part of OneMinuteJunior workshops.

exhibition curated by: Vesna Madzoski & José Miguel Biscaya
exhibition design: José Miguel Biscaya
special advisor: Anja Masling
European Cultural Foundation: Raya Ribbius, Giusy Chierchia, Taja Vovk Cepic
graphic designer: Julien Rademakers
partner organisations: AVACA (UK), Beeldenstorm (B), Digital Art Lab (IE), DZMP (SI), Imagine IC (NL), Karpos (GR), Kasal Roquetes (ES), Kiasma (FI), Kosmopolis (NL), Kosmopolis Rotterdam (NL), Kultura Miejska (PL), Lava Kulturhuset (SWE), Media Education Centre (CS), Schlesische27 (D), Shams (LB), SIGNIS (RO), The One Minutes Foundation (NL), UNICEF, VideAntz
funders: European Commission in the framework of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, Van den Ende Foundation, Boeing, Bundeszentrale Für Politische Bildung, Wij Amsterdammers, Freedom of Expression Foundation, City of Amsterdam, Evens Foundation, JVC, Bank Giro Loterij, De lotto, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

Stranger Exhibition is part of the Stranger Festival which took place 03-05 July, 2008 in Amsterdam